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Volunteering with us will be something you won’t regret. We can provide you the training, skills and experience it takes to become a journalist either in or out of the field.

At Townwatch UK we need people from all walks of life to volunteer but the ones who can help the most are the people with ‘lived experience’s’. ‘lived experience’ may include recovering from homelessness, drug addiction, escaping domestic abuse or surviving a near death experience. Because you have overcome an experience this makes you a survivor and your experiences can help others escape these problems, either by writing for us or engaging with the homeless/vulnerable people out on the streets and by doing whatever is in our power to help people we come across, for example this may include contacting local services and referring vulnerable people to them. If have any experience in this field we would love to hear from you. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact form below or email Vince Godwin: vgodwin@townwatchuk.net

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