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Townwatch Uk

townwatch uk

Townwatch Uk travel across the UK creating a support network that will be supporting vulnerable people to live better lives and also create a public platform that can help build a better UK society.

Townwatch UK is working on solutions for radically reducing homelessness and the issues around it as our first mission. We have researched homelessness thoroughly both from first-hand experience and also from our volunteering experiences. We have realised our insight from our lived experiences can be highly useful. Our results will be published once we come up with a proposed solution, but we already have 16 months of walking in the homeless community’s shoes. We will publish the journal on the posts page very soon (by September 2021). this is created by our founder Vince Godwin who is a journalist with around 5+ years experience in publishing he became homeless by choice briefly. Vince soon realised how big an issue it was in his home town of Southend on sea with over 150 rough sleepers, his experience serves to prove it can happen to anyone and it can make you or break you! it’s not all drug addicts there are the self-employed homeless, there are the people having relationship issues too. The people that end up on the streets the most are people which have experienced trauma in their lives and end up with personality disorders or other mental health conditions, these conditions cause many of them to ‘self medicate’. Most people seem to choose alcohol, the weed, followed by crack cocaine, heroin and then the strange drug “spice” which is smoked on bits of paper this drug often gets into prisons easily and is highly difficult to detect.

Townwatch UK Outreach Project

We actively patrol the streets and ensure any homeless are referred to the relevant service/s, everyone is individual and some require different needs than the majority.

We work closely with local and national charities to provide a wide support network to the community. We publish solutions on homelessness, poverty, and many other issues that are affecting communities and we avoid publishing negative news. The ultimate aim is a better society for all whether rich or poor.

If you would like to join our writer list please mail our editor: [email protected].

We welcome anyone who feels they have anything that can contribute to our cause in any way. We encourage the public to engage with us also, via our contact form below:

We Support Sreetlink


we support Streetlink and add people we find to their record, by finding homeless people sleeping rough. Streetlink will always ping the relevant homeless service and they will send help out. We aim to meet peoples immediate needs and provide food, water, and a phone to use if they need to get a message to someone, Streetlink tells us to let them know to wait up to 24 hours in the same place and someone will reach out to them, so meeting their immediate needs is very important. We reach out to charities such as HARP, SVP, or The one love project in the local area we began in Southend-On-Sea and continue to grow across the UK. We can identify real homeless people through our combined training, research and lived experiences.

Some of the services we provide

  • Outreach to find and support the homeless
  • Advocacy service for the vulnerable/homelessness
  • Networking for charities
  • Community forum
  • Nonprofit journalism and research for a better society
  • Counseling services
  • Free Charity Website listings

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3 Comments on “Townwatch Uk

  1. We are Charlie boys angels. We set up after a tragic event that left a Homelss guy attacked and his dog Charlie boy. The dog unfortunately died from a fatal stab wound the owner luckily survived but lost his companion and was devastating
    He asked us to keep the page running to help others with dogs and to find dog friendly housing for them. and provide free vet treatment. Which we do. Amd have achieved in housing over 22 people. Please contact me if you hear of anyone sleeping rough in Southend with their dog.

  2. Anyone we find homeless with a dog in southend we will refer over to you. Thankyou for doing what you do, we think its a really great service!

  3. public support uk has teamed up with Town Watch uk working in partnership regarding Safeguarding homeless communities with sign posting to the Reptable service around the uk being a voice for the voiceless giving people the tools to survive

    Pubic Support UK will keep you upto date with online and offline public support services to help our public get the required support from food banks to homeless support services and much more.


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