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The idea of Townwatch UK was first established back in 2019, when I became homeless briefly, it was something of an eye opener to say the least! However I learned how to turn a bad situation into a good one, not just for myself but for those around me too.

The actual idea for Townwatch UK started when my tent and belongings were removed by the council and police, you can read about that here: Homeless camp cleared from cliff gardens Southend on sea. I took to social media to explain what really happened and The Echo Southend printed this on my behalf: A HOMELESS man has criticised the council for taking his only shelter from the elements.

Townwatch UK, Homeless, Southend
My tent before it was cleared away by the Southend borough council

Since that time we have been building a local Townwatch UK program to safeguard the homeless in Southend and have started our UK research at this point, covering boroughs in Essex, London, Kent, East Sussex, and West Sussex. To date, we have worked with nonprofit organisations such as surviving the streets UK, Public support UK, Harp, One Love, and St vincent Depauls.

We continue to expand our website to cater to news on Britain’s society and the things that need urgent attention such as homelessness, poverty, animal cruelty, and many other issues that we can tackle in society, we aim to use insight to disseminate the information wherever possible.

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